Who Am I?
Simply a person who is preoccupied with things visual and tactile. I love creating, whether behind a monitor's screen or constructing something in the physical world. 
Professionally, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, with diverse experience in multiple aspects of the visual realm. I have done everything from brand identity, packaging & marketing collateral, websites & UI, to traditional and technical illustration, 3D modeling, animation, and special effects. 
Aside from the design realm, I have professional experience in clay sculpting, silicone mold making, plastic casting & vacuum forming, being fortunate enough to have been one of the principal sculptors for the Halo 2 line of action figures (yeah, that was a fun job). I also have personal experience constructing film props and other prototypes with all manner of materials including paper, plastics, PVC foam, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and various epoxies & resins.
Some of my clients over the years include Microsoft, Amazon, Wizards of the Coast, Harvard School of Design, Seattle Classical Guitar Society, Bungee, Sculptech Studios, Renaware, Benjamin Paul Letterpress, Chuck Talor Photography...
Personally, I am simply an artist. I draw, paint, sculpt, write poetry and prose, study foreign languages, and play guitar. I love graphite, oil, and watercolor, and dabbling in the Japanese medium Nihonga, 
I also have extensive experience with Letterpress Printing and my garage is filled with cast iron machinery.  I own four antique letterpresses, a manual cast iron and a hydraulic paper cutter, as well as an antique pinhole perforator, all of which I restored.
I live and create in the greater Seattle area. 
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