First off, I must say I have a very eclectic background. 
Essentially, I am a graphic designer, with experience in many aspects of design,
from brand identity to packaging & marketing collateral, websites & UI, technical illustration, 
video, animation, 3D and special effects. 

I also have extensive experience with, and happen to have acquired four antique letterpresses, both a manual cast iron and an hydraulic paper cutter, as well as an antique pin hole perforator, all of which I personally restored.

Aside from the design realm, I have professional experience in clay sculpting, silicone mold making, plastic casting & vacuum forming, and personal experience constructing film props and other prototypes with all manner of materials including paper, plastics, pvc foam, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and various epoxies & resins.

As an illustrator, I am most at home creating sci-fi or fantasy imagery in either graphite or oil, but also had a wonderful time illustrating two children's books in watercolor.

I live, design, draw, paint & fabricate in the greater Seattle area. 
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